Am I creative, beautiful and sparkly? Three of my fellow bloggers seem to think so! One of the lovely things about blogging is receiving a peer award from other bloggers who have been following your journey. I have been blogging for less than a year and it is a great honour and tremendous support to receive these awards for my work.

Eleeni from denobears nominated me for the “Kreativ Blogger Award”… I’m sorry to say, many months ago. Thank you Eleeni and I’m really sorry how long it’s taken me to accept this award.

This week Greenbenchramblings has also nominated me for the “Beautiful Blogger Award” which is also highly appreciated. Both of these awards ask you to tell seven things about yourself and nominate seven other blogs for the award.

I’m (cheekily) combining the two and giving seven things in total (as it is quite hard to come up with random things about yourself!)

  1. I’m an Audiologist
  2. I would love to own chickens, but I have a dog with a poor reputation for chickens… and in-laws with fewer chickens than they started with…
  3. I love having bare feet
  4. I’ve never broken a bone
  5. I’m obsessed with stationary
  6. I tend to have lucid dreams
  7. When I was in high school, I went on a white water rafting trip and we had to abseil down a 100m cliff to get into the river…. it was awesome.

Yes this is me…

My nominations for the “Beautiful Blogger Award” go to the following blogs which I feel display beautiful photography in their posts

  1. Photo Nature Blog
  2. Free the bird
  3. Orbital Decay
  4. Nature’s gift in photos
  5. 1001 Scribbles
  6. Kinds of Honey
  7. 365 Sparkles

My nominations for the “Kreativ Blogger Award” go to the following:

  1. Putney Farm
  2. Town and Country Gardening
  3. Boozed and Infused
  4. Greenbenchramblings
  5. Clouds of Colour
  6. The stay-at-home scientist
  7. Artepad



I have also been nominated for the “Mrs Sparkly’s Ten Commandments” award by Orbital Decay. Once again I’m very sorry how long it’s taken me to accept, but still highly appreciated! Thank you for thinking of me as a sparkly influence! This award asks you to answer the following questions and nominate fellow bloggers for the award.

  1. Describe yourself in 7 words? Indecisive, loving, stubborn, loyal, analytical, gentle, honest
  2. What keeps you up at night? –the pets being annoying
  3. Who would you like to be? – I’m usually happy being myself
  4. What am I wearing right now? – How is this relevant?????!!!!
  5. What scares you? – big spiders…. big, big spiders….. 
  6. What are the best and worst things about blogging? – I love the feedback from sharing what I’ve been doing in the garden. Getting compliments and advice from people around the world is wonderful. I find the worst is wanting to write, but often struggling to find the time to do so
  7. If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be? – I’d be taller
  8. Slankets, yes or no? – No. No. No. No. No.
  9. Tell us something about the person who nominated you – The most AMAZING images!! You need to check these out!!
  10. The blogs I nominate for this award are the following blogs which definitely add sparkle to my life:

Once again thank you very much for the recognition of these awards. I hope you can find a minute to take a look at some of these blogs because I know you’ll be hooked!