I would have thought my garden would be feeling a tad neglected lately, with usual life distractions and an overseas holiday keeping me from spending much time in the garden over the past month. However it seems to be pottering along nicely and doesn’t seem to have noticed my absence in the slightest! Before I reunite with my own, I thought I’d share with you the most spectacular garden in Tokyo, Koishikawa Koraku, where I have recently been.

It amazes me that in a city so large, huge areas of landscape dedicated to beauty and respite can be found. Apparently very few foreigners visit this garden, and I honestly have no idea why – it was simply breathtaking.

Extremely well designed, Koishikawa Koraku has areas of interest for most seasons including autumn colours, spring blossoms – and in summer a huge display of irises which I was lucky enough to witness.

Although the real stars of the garden was a group of ducklings who seemed completely un-phased by the human visitors to the garden, happily walking through the crowds to get into the iris bed to hunt for bugs (check out the photos below!)

In true Japanese style the garden was impeccably neat and well maintained. I probably should learn something from that for my own garden, however I found I was drawn to sit and rest in the one slightly messy area of the garden as if I was instinctively drawn to it. Maybe it’s in me deeper than I thought…

A fantastic way to spend some time in this busy city, it was truly the highlight of my trip. The photos don’t do it justice. If you ever find yourself in Tokyo – this is definitely on the top of the “must see” list for gardeners. Enjoy!

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The stars of the garden

The stars of the garden

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The closest thing I could find to “messy”! A beautiful place for a rest, overlooking most of the garden

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