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When I came home from work today I casually picked two zucchinis for dinner on my way to the front door. By the time I got to the kitchen I was beaming! How amazing it felt to simply pick a vegetable on the way inside –  really nothing could be easier. When you think about the effort it takes travelling to and getting something from the supermarket or a market… the comparison of the gardener just picking something on their way inside seems fantastic. Plus fresh vegetables taste so much better! So get gardening people it will brighten your day like it did for me today!


After several weeks of patiently waiting… there is new growth on my snake plant cuttings! Success! Ok, so the growth is extremely small, and they are a long way off being full grown plants – but at least it’s a start!


New growth can be seen on the snake plant cuttings


I also replanted the shoot that had grown out the side of the original plant. It too has grown and a new leaf is now developing. Progress is looking good…..

New leaf emerging

Visiting gardens abroad

Apologies for the delay in another post – but I’ve been venturing overseas looking for amazing gardens to show you! Ok so maybe that’s not entirely true – I’ve been on holiday in Japan for a couple of weeks. However the gardens I did see while there were amazing and completely different to mine so I thought I’d share some with you.

Ryoanji Temple Zen Garden

In Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto lies this massive Zen Garden. It’s 25m long, and while nothing like my garden style, you just have to appreciate the simplicity and neatness of the garden creating a beautiful sight.


Ginkakuji Temple (Kyoto)

Ginkakuji Temple garden

In a lot of the temples and gardens we visited, there were people carefully replanting and taking care of moss – and when you see the outcome you can understand how much effort is being put in!


While I thought we would have been too early to see any blossom trees in flower (cherry blossom season in Japan is late March-April), I was extremely fortunate to find that apricot and plum trees flower early when I happened to stumble across this orchard when visiting Osaka Castle. The photos simply do not do it justice – it was breathtaking and hours were lost simply wondering through the trees (wishing I had my SLR camera to compete with all the other photographers….)





Osaka Castle

As for my own garden I’ve come back to what feels like a complete overgrown mess! It’s amazing how quickly weeds can take over (especially in our backyard where there’s no real “garden” as of yet – weeds reign supreme). Luckily it is a sunny day outside – the compost bins are overflowing with rich goodness, and my first round of worm tea (from my new worm farm) is now ready for me to use as well. So out I go preparing for the next instalment!