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Last winter I plated 8 different types of potatoes to determine if any type of potato is better suited to container gardening (and therefore more prolific). In the last couple of weeks I’ve finally harvested the last bag of potatoes (Inova – was probably ready to harvest in early Feb, but distractions meant I only dug them up in March) and I can now report on what I found.

Inova - the last harvest

Inova – the last harvest

Unfortunately there was no clear winner out of the 8 – the Pontiac, Ruby Lou, Coliban, Desiree and Sebago all did quite well, and there were only grams between their finishing weights. However the others (Inova, Nicola and Dutch Cream) weren’t really that far behind – only around 100g lighter finishing weight which isn’t much! In number of potatoes they ranged from 15-20 larger ones per bag, or up to 30 smaller ones depending on the type. All still smaller than what you’d commercially buy in the supermarket. Although I will always strive for and wish for larger harvests, when there are only two of us to feed the small collections are ample and means there is never any wastage.

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Dutch cream

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What I hadn’t realised initially was the harvest range I would end up with. The first potato harvest was back in October last year, and the harvests carried through gradually until this month! 6 months of potatoes – really not what I had expected. So while I can’t recommend a certain type of potato to try out in containers – I would highly recommend trying a range so that you can enjoy gorgeous, buttery home grown potatoes for half a year. That’s what I did and I’d definitely do it again!

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With a day off and the sun shining it was a perfect day to visit the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Here’s a look at a few things that caught my eye (sorry some of the pictures are a little blurry – only had my phone with me). The show was really enjoyable and some of the exhibits were just spectacular. I was even able to bring home a souvenir – a really cool new indoor plant (see the last pic).   

garden show 1

garden show 2 garden show 3 garden show 4 garden show 5 garden show 6 garden show 7 garden show 8 garden show 9 garden show 10 garden show 12 garden show 13 garden show 14 garden show 15 garden show 16 garden show 17 garden show 18 garden show 19 garden show 20 garden show 21 garden show 22 garden show 23 garden show 24 garden show 25 garden show 26 garden show 27 garden show 28 garden show 30 garden show 31 garden show 32 garden show 33 garden show 34 garden show 35 garden show 36 garden show 37 garden show 29 garden show 38 garden show 39 garden show 40 garden show 41

My new indoor plant - now hanging above my desk

My new indoor plant – now hanging above my desk

A small tribute

A small tribute today to the person who first suggested I start this blog. Pam Newbury lost her battle with cancer last night. Thank you Pam for supporting my gardening passion, for always leaving the nicest comments on my blog and for seeing the magic in the little things too.

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Hidden surprises

While I was outside getting some tomatoes for lunch, I happened to notice a splash of colour amongst the tomato leaves I hadn’t seen during this season before…. the unmistakable flash of purple! Hidden away, one of my eggplants had flowed and now formed fruit!

I checked the other eggplants, and while all are flowering, only one other plant has starting to form fruit. This particular plant however is very special to me because I have grown it from seed! I have accomplished something I’ve never done before – grown an eggplant from seed. That feels pretty good really 🙂

eggplant 1

eggplant 2 eggplant 3 eggplant 4 eggplant 5 eggplant 6

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