Given the cost of blueberries in supermarkets and how cheap blueberry plants are, I figured it made sense to start growing them at home. They are pretty small plants too which works well with the limited space I have. They also have gorgeous delicate little flowers which are perfect for helping with the eye-appealing side of the garden. As a lot of my blueberries didn’t even make it inside last year (couldn’t help but eat them straight off the bush!) I thought this year I should plant some more. Now’s the best time to plant them and I bought 4 new plants last week which are now out in the garden.

The new blueberry plants

I bought my first blueberry plant a couple of years ago and followed what I thought was good advice on how to grow it…. it died pretty quickly. Obviously the advice wasn’t that good! Last year I decided to try again and followed different advice – this time from my all time hero Alys Fowler.

The main points are:
1. Blueberries require acidic soil.

The first year I didn’t do this, just used standard potting mix and the plant died. Last year I bought special acidic potting mix and have kept the plants in pots – they thrived in it! Really, really recommended going the extra mile to get acidic soil.

2. Grow them in pairs

3. Position in full sun

These three things have left me with happy plants and blueberries to harvest throughout spring to autumn – even within the first year of having them. This season, hopefully a few more blueberries might actually make it inside….