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Autumn Colour

Only a couple of days left of autumn and I’m left playing the waiting game for my winter veggies to grow large enough to harvest. While it may not be the most productive time in my garden, I am lucky to still be able to enjoy its beauty – mainly thanks to the stunning autumn colours of changing leaves we’ve had from our weeping cherry and “Grace” shrub (Smoke bush – Cotinus coggygria). It won’t be long before the leaves are completely gone for the season, but right now they’re just lovely…



As winter seems to be drawing in at rapid pace, it’s a relief to see some things in the garden brighten and bloom with the change in temperature – none more so than my two Correa plants which have been flowering the whole way through Autumn. For my overseas readers Correas are native to Australia and have small bell shaped flowers which are just beautiful. Inspired by my two plants, I bought four more Correas to widen my collection (which are now all out in the garden). So not always about veggies in my garden… just most of the time.

Correa “Dusky Bells”

Correa “Dusky Bells”

Correa “Marian’s Marvel”

Correa “Marian’s Marvel”

New Correas

It’s been a bit over a month since I started my experiment to see if leggy seedlings could be saved by planting them deeper than normal into soil – and I have good news! Don’t throw out your leggy seedling, because so far a lot have survived….

The verdict for the veggie seedlings:


Kale – huge success! All three types of kale (Red, Tuscan and Blue) that I’ve been growing have continued to grow and do well. Even so large now I transplanted a couple into the garden. While doing this I found than new roots had formed in the section I had planted up.

Red and Tuscan kale leggy seedlings out in the garden!

Broccoli/Cauliflower – mixed success… some have done quite well, others growing slowly. They haven’t died, but when checked hadn’t formed new roots either… will have to keep watching these ones

Purple Sicily Cauliflower

Silver beet/Ruby Chard and Kohl Rabi – all died. Don’t bother trying to save these ones.

Cabbage – will have to let you know for next time, because unfortunately these were all eaten by snails in the first week…

And in the flower department:

Honesty & Stock: Mixed success – still alive but growth extremely slow

Cornflower & Calendula – huge success! Growing well and looking good!


So there you have it. Turns out you can plant up leggy seedlings – some will form new roots and others will benefit from a bit of extra support. Overall leggy seedlings are certainly not a waste!