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Winter bounty

It feels like I’ve been waiting forever, but finally I’m starting to harvest my winter veggies. The broccoli heads have formed and are ready for eating! I also now have lots of wombok, and the kale will be closely behind (although still quite small at this stage… but I have taken a few sneaky leaves of them though). Still waiting for the cauliflower, but still I’m in a happy winter veg place right now.

It seems that my winter bulbs have been a lot slower to appear than most other gardens around here, but finally my first jonquil has decided to bloom!

While I may have a small garden – I try not to do things by halves. I try to squeeze in as many plants as will successfully grow, use every inch of space I have and am ever hopeful of getting the kind of plentiful harvest most other gardeners enjoy. In saying that, if you saw the size of my garden you’d probably laugh at the 2kgs of seed potatoes I bought to plant out… but as I can’t hear you from here – they’ve gone in!

A lot of people can’t be bothered growing potatoes given how cheap they are at the supermarket – but they are just so easy to grow! Last year I got some grow bags to put them in (so I could pack them up at the end of the season, and move them as our renovations progressed) and it was so exciting tipping out the bags to see how many had grown. I planted this year’s spuds out last week and will be harvesting them in summer. I bought a variety pack including 1/2kg each of Inova, Nicola, Coliban, Desiree, Sebago, Pontiac, Ruby Lou and Dutch Cream. I’m growing them all under the same conditions, so I’ll be interested to see which ones grow better and give a larger harvest. Will keep you updated with the results…