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The front garden - looking lush & in need of a weed...

The front garden – looking lush & in need of a weed…

Out the back - starting to take over...

Out the back – starting to take over…

The garden has had a real burst of life over the past couple of weeks – especially out the back which is steadily becoming quite overgrown. I’m still waiting for the flash of ripe-tomato-red to arrive in the garden, but alas nothing so far. While summer salads may be awhile off yet, the garden still provided me with a weekend lunch – zucchini fritters with a side of freshly picked beans.

Purple king climbing beans

zucc fritt 3

zucc fritt 5

Today's pickings

Today’s pickings

I’m generally renowned for putting zucchinis into almost every meal, but zucchini fritters would have to be my favourite. So simple too – flour, eggs, 2-3 zucchinis and fetta cheese – yet an extremely tasty outcome. Really enjoyable and hopefully the first of many summer meals provided by the garden.

zucc fritt 9 zucc fritt 10

Summer begins

Summer is finally here! Over the past week we’ve had some lovely sunny days, followed by rainy nights and the garden has loved the combination. It’s only the second day of summer and already the first zucchini is ready to harvest – hopefully it’s an indication of what the season will bring. What better way to end the day than with one of my usual summer favourites:  zucchini fritters with home grown roast potatoes and herbs. Simply superb!

zucc 1zucc 2

zucc 4

When I came home from work today I casually picked two zucchinis for dinner on my way to the front door. By the time I got to the kitchen I was beaming! How amazing it felt to simply pick a vegetable on the way inside –  really nothing could be easier. When you think about the effort it takes travelling to and getting something from the supermarket or a market… the comparison of the gardener just picking something on their way inside seems fantastic. Plus fresh vegetables taste so much better! So get gardening people it will brighten your day like it did for me today!