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Signs of Spring

Spring has been well and truly in the air for some time now, and as a result it’s easy to find signs of spring throughout the garden. I think I had more flowers and bulbs out last year – unfortunately neglect from finishing the renovations before our permit ran out meant aphids destroyed a l lot of bulbs before I’d even realised they had moved in. But what was left remains beautiful and provides a pleasant working ground for creating the summer garden. Also included in the spring flowers is my very first apple blossom which can’t help but make me smile!

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A touch of magic…

Sometimes without realising it, we capture moments of magic in the garden. It wasn’t until I loaded the following photo onto my computer that I realised I had captured such a moment. I love how little things can surprise you…

Further Spring Colour

For those who enjoyed the previous spring flowers post, here are some more flowers that have been brightening my days. Summer used to always be my favourite season, but with flowers like these spring is quickly becoming my new favourite…

Parrot tulip



Parrot tulip

Spring flowers

I haven’t managed to find as much time as I would have liked to get out into the garden lately (despite desperately waiting for spring to arrive), however even without my help the garden is creating its own little beautiful display of spring flowers. I have to chuckle to myself as the bulbs come up – it feels like it’s been so long since I planted them and already I’ve forgotten where I planted them. This leads to “oh yeah, I remember putting that there” type moments… a little more often than is probably normal for my age…

The first year I tried bulbs, I planted 2 tulips and a daffodil in a row picturing how lovely they all would look together once they flowered. To my bitter disappointment, each flower picked a different week in spring to flower and all were eaten by aphids and snails within 2 days. So I never had my nice display of bulbs I was hoping for. Angrily I remember saying to my Mum that “I’m never planting bulbs again!”… She just laughed and said “yes you will.” My Mum will also love it when I tell the world – she was right.

Gradually I think I’ve become a bit more savvy with bulbs – I tend to grab specials as I’ve found even if planted a bit late the majority will still flower.  I also now go for more robust types of bulbs that tend to flower for longer. Often mistaken for poppies by my neighbours, the ranunculi I’ve planted tend to give lots of bright flowers for weeks and weeks. They seem to have so much power for such little bulbs! Rather than standard tulips I’ve been trying to grab more unusual ones late in season when they’re on sale (e.g. this year I found parrot tulips for $1 each) – and almost all have flowered. Other highlights include the weeping cherry that’s starting to flower, the broad bean flowers (which most people wouldn’t count in their spring flowers but I particularly like them), the ever faithful nasturtiums as well as the blueberries which continue to flower. So the spring overhaul is yet to come – but for now, hope you enjoy what I’ve had the pleasure of looking at over the last couple of weeks.

My twin tulip

Parrot tulip




Broad bean flowers

Cherry blossom in flower

I’m not the only one enjoying the spring flowers & sunshine…