I really haven’t been blogging for very long – but the support and feedback I have received from people has been amazing and truly uplifting. None more so that a post by Jennifer (http://harvestliberty.net/2012/04/18/versatile-blogger-sunshine-award/) who has nominated me for the Sunshine Award this week. The Sunshine Award is given by bloggers, to other bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire them (i.e. add sunshine to their day).

From Harvest Liberty post: “Penny’s Garden: a harvest beyond my front door — It is also comforting to know that across the globe in Australia someone else like me is venturing into the great unknown of their door yard. I read Penny’s blog not only for this companionship, but also for great gardening ideas and even for the tinge of jealousy that comes from hearing of her fresh zukes when it’s dead of winter here. It is after all that longing for fresh veggies that makes the blisters worth the while.

I am truly honoured and my sincere thanks goes out to Jennifer for her kindness.

There are a couple of rules for accepting the award: display the award’s logo, answer a few questions, and then pass the award along to others. Not a chain letter, but acknowledgement that there are some great blogs out there that really do brighten your day.

I would like to nominate the following blogs (in no particular order) for the Sunshine Award:

1. The Soil Toil (http://thesoiltoil.com/): Great photos and really useful tips, ideas and projects for gardeners.

2. A Little Slice… (http://destiany.wordpress.com/): This blog is an inspiration. A diamond in the rough who’s strength really shines through in this blog. Her post on “I love being the mother of an Autistic Child” really moved me. Highly recommended.

3. Harvest Liberty (http://harvestliberty.net/): Not because of the nomination – this would have been on my list regardless as it is one of my favourite blogs. Jennifer is a great writer and I love hearing the updates of her (definitely jealous worthy) large block.

4. Gettin’ Fresh! (http://gettinfreshblog.wordpress.com/): I love reading Sharon’s blog with all the great gardening tips and updates. She has a lot more wider knowledge of gardening than I do & I have a lot to learn….

5. Bellmeadow Allotment ( http://bellmeadow.wordpress.com/): Fantastic photos – will inspire anyone to get out into the garden.

6. Going Dutch (http://malouprestado.com/): Malou’s amazing tulip photos really motivated me to get some more bulbs planted!

7. Bike-n-Bake (http://bike-n-bake.blogspot.com.au): While a very new blog – the idea that I inspired “Chirpy Ann” (a good friend of mine) to create a blog definitely adds some sunshine into my life! Plus with possibly the best blog name ever – worth checking out!

Hope you get a chance to check out these pages ‘cause they really are worth the visit.

The nine questions I need to answer are:

1. Favourite colour? Purple… followed very closely by red.

2. Favourite animal? How could I choose between my dog and my cat?!

3. Favourite number? 6. When you’re b-day falls on the 6/6 you only need one number.

4. Favourite non-alcoholic drink? Coffee, in all of its addictive glory

5. Favourite pattern? I have no idea….however as a replacement: my favourite flower is, and always has been, the pansy.

6. Favourite day of the week? Saturday – just me and the garden!

7. Preference for Facebook or Twitter? As I don’t have/use twitter, Facebook wins by default…

8. Preference for giving or receiving gifts? Can I say both?

9. Articulate your passion: Gardening! 😉

So what else brings sunshine into my life? This year it was my sunflowers. I have never grown full size sunflowers before (only dwarf ones) and I was blown away by how bright and cheery these giants were. While they didn’t seem to last too long, I couldn’t help but have a huge smile on my face every time I walked past them or looked at them through the window. Definitely a must for next summer!


*The Sunshine Award carries the following duties:

• Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.

• Answer 9 questions about yourself: favorite color, animal, number, non-alcoholic drink, pattern and day of the week; preference for Facebook or Twitter; preference for giving or receiving gifts; and articulate your passion.

• Nominate other fabulous bloggers who bring sunshine to your life.

• Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

• Share the love and link the person who nominated you.