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With a day off and the sun shining it was a perfect day to visit the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Here’s a look at a few things that caught my eye (sorry some of the pictures are a little blurry – only had my phone with me). The show was really enjoyable and some of the exhibits were just spectacular. I was even able to bring home a souvenir – a really cool new indoor plant (see the last pic).   

garden show 1

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My new indoor plant - now hanging above my desk

My new indoor plant – now hanging above my desk


After several weeks of patiently waiting… there is new growth on my snake plant cuttings! Success! Ok, so the growth is extremely small, and they are a long way off being full grown plants – but at least it’s a start!


New growth can be seen on the snake plant cuttings


I also replanted the shoot that had grown out the side of the original plant. It too has grown and a new leaf is now developing. Progress is looking good…..

New leaf emerging

After reading that Snake Plant/Mother-In-Law’s Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata) can be propagated incredibly easily (in a book by my hero Alys Fowler) – I kept an eye on all my friends indoor plants hoping to find one I could steal a leaf off. Apparently Sake Plants have gone out of fashion recently as none of my friends have it! Although disappointed I did manage to find one on sale which felt like a bearable compromise. I would now really like a new plant for my desk (particularly if I’m going to be spending a lot more time blogging!) so I decided to try the “create your own indoor plant” experiment.

As it goes, all you have to do is cut up a leaf into sections and place into potting mix. Make sure the pieces are facing up (ie correct growing direction) and keep moist.It apparently takes 6-8 weeks for new signs of growth, so no change so far. Keeping my fingers crossed & look out for updates!

In the past week however I have noticed a change in the original pot that wasn’t there before….. A new shoot has emerged from the original plant, so looks like I will have at least one new plant after all!

Other easy indoor plants are avocados. Everybody needs an avocado plant – ask my brother, he has 10 of them!

Creating indoor plants from avocado seeds is incredibly easy!

"Ava" - current avocado plant, with constant new growth looks healthy

"Avie" - last year's avocado plant

All you need is a seed from an avocado which suspended over water (memories of primary school science coming back to me…) will germinate after a few weeks. A new indoor plant is created as easy as that! Seeds from overripe avocados work best and keep them in water until a few leaves have formed. I had one last year that died (& still not sure why) but one I germinated this year is looking significantly more healthy & is a great addition to the kitchen!