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Summer Flowers

Still waiting for the fruit of the summer veggies to grow and ripen … but at least I’ve been able to enjoy the summer flowers while I wait, knowing they’re helping to bring in the bees…

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My orchid has been continuing to bloom over the past couple of months & brightening my room – it always makes me smile. While I’d love to put up photos of it in full flower, sadly a couple of the flowers are starting to droop. But the flowers have been, and still are, lovely and I thought it worth a few photos before the magic is gone…

orch 1 orch 2 orch 3 orch 4 orch 5

A New Arrival

A new pet? A small child? Pretty close – I have, with hesitation, introduced an orchid into our lives. I have always felt orchids indicated that next level of obsessive gardening, indicating a point of no return. The more time that goes on however, I struggle to see why that’s a bad thing. orchid 2 I fell in love with orchids back when I went to the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show in March, which had the most spectacular display, and the desire to own one has gradually been building ever since. With a nursery voucher left over from my birthday (to get something special) I found myself last weekend contemplating taking home an orchid. At the time, I decided the responsibility was too great and wandered home. However that very same day, my partner Chris came home after helping clean out someone’s house with what he described as a bag of leftover, unwanted soil. I wandered outside to find a small bag of orchid potting mix – surely it was a sign! The next day I found a “beginning with orchids” book on sale for $10. I took that as a sign too…

orchid 1

So today I ventured out with the knowledge there is no turning back. At the checkout the cashier said “oh you’re taking home a child!” which did make me feel a little better about the over-exaggerated feeling of responsibility growing in my head. She also made a comment regarding it not being too expensive if it dies. That really cemented it for me as my stubbornness boiled up thinking “I won’t kill it!” It’s now pride of place on my desk, beaming back at me. I’m also looking for names for my new “pet” if anyone has any funny or creative ideas…orchid 3

bee and bloss 1 bee and bloss 2 bee and bloss 3 bee and bloss 4 bee and bloss 5 bee and bloss 6 bee and bloss 7

Spring is here!

Towards the end of winter I planted out my first round of spring seeds. I’ve been keeping them inside next to a north-facing window and had hoped the warmer temperatures and protection inside would convince the seedlings it was spring. It worked! The seedlings are now a couple of weeks old and are looking pretty happy.

Now that they are larger I’ve been very tempted to plant some out into the garden, but the weather is still a little cool and fluctuating… so I might wait till the weather gets a bit more settled. For now, as with every year, our lounge room has turned into a mini nursery – but it certainly has started the spring excitement at our place!

seed trays 1 seed trays 12 seed trays 10 seed trays 5 seed trays 6 seed trays 7 seed trays 3 seed trays 8 seed trays 9


Last year we placed three small hanging baskets on the fence which can be seen out the window next to my desk where I write this blog. They flowered all spring and summer and made my work space very cheerful. However I’ve ignored them and they’ve been dead and empty for most of winter… With spring getting ever so close, it was time for replanting! I dug through some compost and fresh potting mix with the soil already in the baskets followed by planting some cheap flower seedlings and a few oregano cuttings. Instant colour & brightness! Hopefully they will continue to grow, flower and inspire me over the next gardening season.

Pretty much dead & empty...

Pretty much dead & empty…

basket 4 basket 5 basket 6

New view from the window

New view from the window

basket 3

Sunny Sunday

A new addition to the garden has popped up, just in time for the weekend sunshine…

daff 1 daff 2 daff 3

With a day off and the sun shining it was a perfect day to visit the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Here’s a look at a few things that caught my eye (sorry some of the pictures are a little blurry – only had my phone with me). The show was really enjoyable and some of the exhibits were just spectacular. I was even able to bring home a souvenir – a really cool new indoor plant (see the last pic).   

garden show 1

garden show 2 garden show 3 garden show 4 garden show 5 garden show 6 garden show 7 garden show 8 garden show 9 garden show 10 garden show 12 garden show 13 garden show 14 garden show 15 garden show 16 garden show 17 garden show 18 garden show 19 garden show 20 garden show 21 garden show 22 garden show 23 garden show 24 garden show 25 garden show 26 garden show 27 garden show 28 garden show 30 garden show 31 garden show 32 garden show 33 garden show 34 garden show 35 garden show 36 garden show 37 garden show 29 garden show 38 garden show 39 garden show 40 garden show 41

My new indoor plant - now hanging above my desk

My new indoor plant – now hanging above my desk

Summer Flowers

Not quite the show compared to the spring bulbs, but the summer flowers still have their own place in my garden. Despite the heat they have continued to flower throughout summer and have not only helped keep the garden cheerful but have helped bring in the helpful bees too.

summer flowers 1 summer flowers 3 summer flowers 6 summer flowers 7 summer flowers 16 summer flowers 13 summer flowers 17 summer flowers 11 summer flowers 8 summer flowers 9 summer flowers 10 summer flowers 4 summer flowers 20 summer flowers 15 summer flowers 12 summer flowers 18


unknown flower

Occasionally things get lost or forgotten about in the garden (probably a lot more that I realise), but this is very obvious this week as the above flower has started to bloom this week – and I have no idea what it is! I can’t remember planting it, and would love to know what it is if someone knows. The plant was there last year, but it didn’t flower, and the leaves have been there throughout the whole year (i.e. has never died off). I’ve checked all my seed packets and also searched online, but can’t find it. Let me know what you think ! Thank you 🙂