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One of my gardening goals this year was to learn how to take cuttings. I have always been envious of more experienced gardeners taking (or stealing) cutting from other people’s gardens – they’ve always given the impression of really knowing what they’re doing! The ultimate step to “you’re not an amateur anymore”. Plus it’s a really cheap way to get more plants! I must admit, I have tried cuttings in the past – but they never worked. In fairness I did absolutely no research into the type of cuttings I had, or the best time of year to try. I did try a little rooting powder but just stuck them in a pot & hoped nature would do the rest… nature didn’t.

So this year I decided I really wanted to learn how to take cuttings in order to move up the imaginary ladder of experience that is in my head. I decided to try again with the variety of correas I have, as I would really like multiples of the ones that are growing well. A little research found the best time to try correa cuttings is in autumn, and also that correas are supposed to be very easy to take cuttings – perfect! Back in March I filled a seedling tray of potting mix, cut tips off a few different correas, dipped them into a cutting rooting gel – and voila my work was done. I kept them covered with the seedling tray lid and all that was left to do was wait…

cuttings 1

My cuttings tray when first planted

cuttings 3

Cuttings when first started (March)

Several died extremely quickly. Way faster than I would have expected. It really didn’t get my hopes up. However I kept watering the ones that had survived every now and again, and after a while, when I’d really forgotten about them – I realised most of the remaining ones had started to grow!! With a joyful little jump and cheer I raced for the camera, and while the growth is small (considering I started them 4 months ago), the only way is up! I’ve now learnt that cuttings can be quite easy – I just needed a little research – and a lot of patience.

cuttings 6

Before and after of the same cutting – it’s grown!!

cuttings 4

Before and after of the same cutting – small amount of growth

cuttings 8

Before and after of the same cutting – 3 new leaves

cuttings 9

New shoots (July)

cuttings 7

Most are growing!

cuttings 11

Current tray (photo taken today) – a few have died, but lots are starting to grow

Correas on show

Is it any wonder why I love these Australian natives! Now that it’s getting rather cold and everything else in the garden seems to be either dying or heading into winter dormancy, my correas are growing and starting to produce masses of flowers which will continue all winter. They really take the edge off the late autumn/winter lull. Previously my favourite correa has been “Marion’s Marvel”, however this year one of my new “Alba” plants has started to flower and it really looks remarkable! It may be my new favourite. But I suppose when there is competition for what flower/plant amazes you the most, it can never be a bad thing…

alba 4


alba 2


alba 3


alba 7


calycina 2


fire 1
“Fire bird”
fire 2

“Fire bird”

hat 1

“Chef’s hat”

hat 2

“Chef’s hat”

hat 3

“Chef’s hat”

mmarv 4

“Marion’s Marvel”

mmarv 3

“Marion’s Marvel”

mmarv 5

“Marion’s Marvel” planted in the front yard

mmarv 6

“Marion’s Marvel” (front yard)

dbells 5

“Dusky Bells” in the front yard

dbells 1

“Dusky Bells”

dbells 4 dbells 2