One year ago today I published my very first blog post, and Penny’s Garden: a harvest beyond my front door was created. One year on, five peer blog awards and 86 followers later – I’m feeling pretty positive about the whole experience.

Thank you to everyone who has followed, commented, liked posts and given advice and tips to me over the past year – I really have appreciated it. So what did I do to celebrate one year of blogging? Like any other birthday – I baked a cake! Not just any cake though – a zucchini cake with zucchinis from my garden and a celebratory garden top.

I’m very excited about what the next year of gardening with all its disasters and successes will hold, and hope you will continue to join me along the way.

If anyone would like to join me for afternoon tea – I’ll be in the garden. 

whole cake 2 whole cake 4 whole cake 6

cake close up 2 cake close up 3 cake close up 4 cake close up 5 cut cake 1 cake slice 1 cake and coffee 3