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Black Barlow

I’ve been waiting for over a year – but finally, my Black Barlow Aquilegia has started to flower. I sought out a seedling of the Black Barlow last year due to the deep rich colour and, to the best of my knowledge, isn’t around my area very much. It almost died over summer from the intense heat – however with a bit of nurture it survived and has started to bloom. I realise I change my mind every week – but this week it’s my favourite flower in the garden.

barlow 1 barlow 2 barlow 3 barlow 4 barlow 5 barlow 6

Aquilegias and Sweet Peas on show

A little quiet in the garden this week as the distraction of the renovations takes centre stage. Quiet peaceful moments can still be found in the refuge that is the garden, particularly with the emergence of aquilegia and sweet pea flowers…