Previously I’ve always tended to ignore whiteflies as they never seem to eat much from my garden. However this year I seem to have had a huge number of the flies and a lot of plant leaves are showing signs of damage. I have heard, through various readings, that whiteflies love the colour yellow and one way to help overcome the infestation is to make up yellow sticky cards. Seemed simple enough and I thought it was worth a go.

 card 1

card 7 card 6

I cut up some cheap yellow cardboard and placed them into snap lock bags to help protect from rain. After tying them around various places in the garden I sprayed olive oil over the cards to make them sticky. All that was left was to wait. It really didn’t take long – within seconds of putting the oil on, I was catching flies. After 24 hours the cards were full and needed to be cleaned and have the oil re-applied. I’ll have to wait and see for now if long term use helps cull my whitefly population, but it may be worth a try if you’re having similar problems.

 bug 2 bug 1 bug 3