blueberry 2

Finally my blueberries have started to ripen! Last year the berries ripened in spring, however this year it’s taken well into December before I’ve seen the dash of dark blue I’ve been longing for. But once they started – they’ve been off like a rocket & I suddenly have heaps of blueberries ready for picking and eating.

blueberry 4

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I’m often asked by friends what I’d recommend to grow in containers. I think blueberries have now made it to the top of the list. Mine seem perfectly happy growing in pots (with acidic soil), and the plants are so cheap compared to how many blueberries you end up with. Plus the flowers are stunning, so you really get the best all round attractive vs productive plant.

blueberry 12

blueberry 10

blueberry 14

The new blueberry plants I added this year were from my parents for my birthday. Once planted my Mum asked me for blueberry pie when the fruit developed. While it was a casual off-hand comment, I thought given how many blueberries I was getting I should at least try to fill this request. I didn’t have enough blueberries for a whole pie (most likely because I keep eating them…) so I decided to make mini apple and blueberry pies instead. I went down to my parent’s place yesterday and surprised them with mini pies – very well received and, even if I do say so myself – delicious!

blueberry 23

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