My sourdough starter had been going crazy this week – growing to the top of the jar on a daily basis, really crying out “bake with me”. So I set out to try sourdough again and see if I could succeed with the previous undercooked loaf from last weekend (see previous post). I am very pleased to report that I did and the results were worth the wait! With absolutely no commercial yeast, I was able to create two sourdoughs – one half white/half wholemeal and the other a pumpkin & linseed loaf (as an experiment). Both rose (after a very patient wait for almost a full day), and the taste is just fantastic!

Well the sun is out, so I’m now heading out into the garden. But trust me, right now – you wish you were here eating this bread.

From disaster last week, to success this week!
Half white/half wholemeal

Pumpkin & linseed loaf