I have accepted now that February always means the inevitable -the winding down of summer and consequently the winding down of the summer vegetables. The leaves of the tomato plants wilt and brown, happy they have provided enough seed to keep the plant’s life cycle continuing. The nasturtiums have died off and already new nasturtium seedlings are growing from the dropped seeds.

While working to clear all the dying growth, I’m surprised as I realise I’m not feeling sad – the whole process feels very positive. I’m moving the garden forward and creating space for the next season’s plants. Clearing out all the dying material (and a lot of the weeds I’ve been turning a blind eye to) also makes the garden seem a lot tidier. With the extra space created my mind is already buzzing with ideas for the next season’s crops. Each season in the garden creates the opportunity to try something new and grow something again. That is something to be thankful for.