ImageIt started with two packets of seeds… what to follow was a huge passion that I simply wasn’t aware was brewing inside. Join me in seeing the changes that take place over each season in my garden– a tiny plot in my suburban front yard. See the triumphs, the disasters, and the continual war with the snails as I attempt to turn my small patch into not only a garden that is visually lovely all year round, but is productive as well.  


The starting block... creating the garden initially

We’ve been in our current house for 3 years now. We’re renovating… which has not only meant joyous activities like outside showers for 3 months, but has also meant our backyard has been a full-time building site almost since our arrival.


The first winter garden - everything still new and small


There is only so much you can grow in pots (which I tried the first year) and I slowly started to add veggies into what was our very young front garden. When my partner didn’t complain I took this as free reign to do whatever I pleased and have over the past few years created my own little oasis right outside my front door. A garden splattered with veggies, flowers, natives and evergreens in no formal order.


Summer creation

Trying to keep the garden visually attractive (as it is on continual showcase) has been a challenge, as well as accommodating two small animals (a dog that loves to run and a cat who loves to sleep in pots) has added to my experience.


My current garden - Summer 2012

I have no formal training in gardening, what you will see and read has been experimentation, common sense and a lot of previous reading (which I’ve learnt does not always work in real life). Sometimes it works in my favour – and a lot of the time it doesn’t. But all of it makes me happy.

ImageSo what does a late 20’s female living in inner Melbourne know about gardening? It turns out a lot more that I’d originally thought…..